Nu Event Management System [Nu EMS]

Nu Event Management System is a web-based tool that facilitates online registration, payment, resource management, web-based accounting and reporting functionality. This web-enabled, customizable secure system ensure users authentication to access the system. The back office staff can take advantage of an intuitive transaction and reporting interface with a minimum of training.



  • Single data entry
  • Accurate, unduplicated, up-to-the-minute registration information Time and place-independent data entry and record access
  • Provides options to ensure authentication, authorization and encryption of records
  • Easy query system to access all registration data Optimizes Resource Utilization
  • Labels and name tag printing
  • Ability to setup discounts codes for variable pricing
  • For Client side it requires only Internet enabled computer with Internet Explorer 5+ (PC & MAC)
  • Flexible Reports

Additional Features

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • 24 X 7 Access
  • Internal Communications
  • Security
  • DLLs
  • Stored Procedures
  • Database Control Access

Technical Specifications

Core Technologies

  • ASP 3.0
  • Database – SQL Server 2000, Oracle 8i
  • COM/DCOM- Microsoft Transaction Server
  • Application Server- Designed to run on ISS 5.0 (All the application servers which supports ASP)


  • Window NT 4.0
  • Windows 2000

Web Browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 +
  • Netscape 7.0 +

Benefits of Nu EMS

    • Manage Critical Event Information

Nu Event Management System is comprehensive event information that enables the user to easily manage a wealth of information online:
24/7 access to everyone’s schedule
Online Event Status
Unique Pricing for Each Participant/Member Type
E-mail Confirmation of Registration & Payment
Eliminates double-bookings

  • Simplify Event Management

Enabling Event Coordinator to perform administrative tasks faster with less manual entry.
Secure payment option for online registration
Status of registration for user

  • Optimizes Resource Utilization

Effective allocation of Resources
Flexible date/time entry accepts shortcuts formats and offer convenient pop-up and drop – down choices
Schedule directly from the graphical Reservation Book with a simple mouse click
Quickly and easily select any number of services and resources for an event