Dynamic Report Generator



Dynamic Report Generation Tool allows users to generate reports from any RDBMS using the concepts of ODBC and JDBC. With Dynamic Report Generation Tool you can deliver the power of dynamic reporting across your entire organization: to senior executives, production line workers, to remote sales forces and branch offices around the globe.

In today’s large organizations the number and size of corporate databases has grown exponentially, data warehouses have ballooned into cumbersome data stores, and ERP systems are still far too complex for casual business users to extract meaningful information. As organizations become more decentralized, these data assets are spread across the enterprise making it increasingly difficult for IT to maintain data consistency. In addition, companies have tens of thousands of users who expect to access the data they need on the client of their choice, from their desktops or remotely. For IT, the problem of dealing with multiple data stores, inconsistent data, and diverse user requirements is compounded by a backlog of report requests that far exceeds resources.

With Dynamic Report Generation Tool from NuIS, users are able to service their own needs by creating, accessing, and distributing reports within an infrastructure that is easily managed and maintained by IT. In this way the IT reporting backlog is virtually eliminated.

Benefits :

  • The right report for the right user in the right environment
  • Access to consistent data
  • Easy web deployment and self service reporting
  • Perfect solution for generating reports with large data warehouses with extensive information coming from multiple databases.