Trending and Tracking



The Trending and Tracking System is built using client/server architecture. The target industry is Manufacturing, but can be customized to meet the requirements of any industry. Any problem that occurs on the manufacturing shop floor can be entered into this system. The data can then be used for trending and tracking the problems and the corrective actions taken. The system allows users to:

  • To document problems as well as any applied corrective actions for the mentioned incidents.
  • Another way or means of communicating incidents as well as applied corrective actions between departments.
  • To track and trend incidents and corrective actions.
  • To provide documentation of incidents as well as corrective actions that will be used as future references.
The proposed system will document problems and Process Deviations, the corrective actions taken, allow for trending and tracking and post closure review of problems.This system will also enable Software development and testing teams to coordinate and function more efficiently. For example, the software testing team can enter the discrepancies found during system testing into this software. The software development team can then fix these discrepancies and enter the corrective action taken. This software will facilitate as a database to store information related to the discrepancies and fixes made. The system would allow the managers to trend and track the number of discrepancies and will allow the managers to make the software release decisions.