Sales Force Automation

CSIManager is a comprehensive system with various modules which include Sales Force Automation, Office Automation, Recruiting Automation. CSIManager gives you instant access to detailed contact and account information.

CSIManager allows you to manage the sales process, automatically track all activities with an account and stay productive.



Key Features:

  • Manage the whole sales cycle with CSIManager
  • Create/Manage/Track all activities with an account or contact.
  • Easily organize the contacts under each account.
  • CSIManager allows multiple contacts under each account facilitating easy management of contacts.
  • Automatically track all activities with your contacts and enter notes about your sales calls so you have a record of all conversations and activities.
  • Send and Receive Email messages from within CSIManager. This facilitates the application to keep track of your email communication.
  • Attach multiple files to your emails
  • CSIManager helps you stay productive when on the road.
  • CSIManager uses the concept of Replication to replicate data back and forth from the laptop.
  • Share information on your contacts based on level id.
  • Synchronize data between multiple databases.
  • Keep track of appointments.


  • High level of Security.
  • Ease of use and very familiar windows interface.
  • Forecast and track sales opportunities to effectively manage your sales pipeline.
  • Generate reports easily to show the sales pipeline and closed sales within a specified timeframe.
  • Uses Client/Server Architecture which facilitates scalable solution for the whole enterprise.